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Koryu Dai San 

Traditional Dojo Entry Technique
Kneeling Techniques adapted to standing to avoid knee damage
1 Oshi taoshi Heart Strike Vigorous overhead strike to heart Bend out, fake strike to neck
2 Gyakugame ate Broken Nose Angled strike strike to opposite temple, reinforce at sternum
3 Kote gaeshi Gut Punch Pucnch to solar plexus Kote Gaeshi
4 Ryotemochi sukui nage Push Hands Up Double wrist grab Enter, raise hands, pivot hips, hook ankle
5 Tenkai kote hineri Static rear choke Right arm bar choke from behind chinup, apply kote hineri to wrist
6 Shiho nage Lift hand, four direction throw single hand grab (right?) Four direction throw
7 Gedan ate Go away kid, you bother me From 45 degree angle, grab sleeve break grab, shoulder strike
8 Hiji kime Sandwich hands/Clap hands Grab right lapel Trap hands in a "sandwich", slide to elbow, hip pivot, throw
Standing Techniques
1 Kote mawashi Kote mawashi Grab Right lapel Kote mawashi
2 Uchi tenkai nage Pick Up Penny Grab right wrist Under armpit, very low, arm resting on neck
3 Gyakugamae ate Rock the cradle Grab left sleeve ?? fall back off line, lay arm over sankyo points, use hips to draw back, return to enter space
4 Hijii kime Rope arm grab ? wrist rotate wrist tegatana forward, rope arm to ear, lower to permit roll out
5 Mae otoshi Front choke Grab lapels for choke hold Mae otoshi
6 Ushiro waza mae otoshi Go behind choke Grab right wrist, "pin down", enthusiastically circle around behind to choke Mae otoshi
7 Ushiro waza tenkai kote hineri Bear hug Wrap arms around from behind walking tori Tenkai kote hineri against shoulder
8 Mune tori kata gatame Hog Tie/Pull off pants Stabilize & haymaker pull off pants
1 Shomen Uchi Heartstrike Vigorous strike to heart Bend, step offline, (fake) strike to neck
2 Migi yokomen Uchi Broken nose ?angled? strike to head Strike to opposite temple, reinforce to solar plexus
3 Hidari yokomen uchi Backhand Reverse strike to the neck Interrupt, ??
4 Tanto tsuki First Assassin Vigorous, repeated stab with hunched over posture Behind, ushiro ate linear
5 Gedan yokomen uchi First Kidney Strike to the kidney Block, lift to shoulder. Hands on elbow, ear pinning wrist, shuffle back
6 Gyaku gedan yokomen uchi Second kidney Reverse strike to kidney Kote Gaeshi
7 Tanto tsuki Second Assassin/Big Scabbard Pull knife from scabbard, stab forward Seize hand, kote hineri
8 Shomen-giri-gedan-ate Hog Tie/Foot Gaeshi Overhead strike Guide knife to thigh, topple, foot kote gaeshi

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